National Solid Waste Management Strategy (NSWMS) Toolbox

The NSWMS project has developed a number of supporting documents in relation to the community pilot projects. This includes formulars, guidelines, forms, standards, lessons learnt etc. This tool-box can be used by communities who wish to establish waste management systems.

Environmental Impact Assessment Guidelines

The EIA Process

Besides the Regulations the SEA has developed comprehensive guidelines as to the EIA process. The guidelines include the following chapters:

1. The categories
2. Scoping
3. Initial Environmental Evaluation (IEE)
4. Environmental Impact Assessment (EIAs)
5. Comprehensive mitigation Plan (CMP)
6. Environmental Auditing (EA)
7. Consultation and Public Participation (CPP)

Environment Impact Assessment Reading Material

Project Categorization Framework for Strengthening Environmental Impact Assessment
Project Categorization

Inclusion of Gender in Environment Impact Assessment
Inclusion of Gender in Environment Impact Assessment